Buzzing around. Basically addicted to TV shows, movies, books, food, and fanfiction.

I'm 30 something woman, and I will probably post everything that amuses me and makes me happy. I ocassionally dabble with GIFS of my favorite shows, like Veronica Mars, Doctor Who, Haven, The Good Wife, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Revenge, Studio Ghibli, Disney, Films, Televisions, Torchwood, Downton Abbey, Community, Happy Endings, New Girl, Highlander, Grimm, BTVS, That 70s Show, Fargo, Boardwalk Empire, Masterchef Junior...

Archie marries….- Veronica- Betty- ValerieWho is he going marry next?

Archie marries….
- Veronica
- Betty
- Valerie

Who is he going marry next?

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