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Okay, here’s my quick (crappy) drawing of what I was thinking of for the cake.
Idk and maybe another side could have the high school and the Camelot and another side could have dogbeach and and the police station…or the courthouse…K & V’s apartment…the 7th veil…or maybe that’s going overboard.

absolutelyiris said: Wait, what are you doing? Are we getting cake?!
Based on THIS post <————- (VMars anniversary or Lilly Kane anniversary)
“Well this isn’t fucking baseball weasel face, it’s catering.”
- Uda Bengt



So, I’m a baker, but I’m also very interested in cake decorating. I’ve decided to make a dummy cake so I can practice some different techniques.

I’ve decided to make it a Veronica Mars themed cake. I was hoping some people could give me some ideas. What are some themes, characters, settings, etc that stand out to you in the show/movie?

Veronica Mars turns 10 on September 22nd, so tumblr actually planning to have a cake. Maybe some sort of 10 years anniversary cake? Not Logan face cake, though… Like maybe blood splatter?

The white can be vanilla? The yellow can be cheese or orange? I don’t know. The blood splatter can be… strawberry? Raspberry?

10 years on the 22nd? Oh boy. I’m not good with deadlines.

Well, what I’m imagining is a bit more…well…more. I might even be over thinking it. I’ll have to draw some pictures and post them.

Although I like the idea of having the VM logo on it. Maybe I can get my boss to print me an edible image of it (as a favor since doing it for profit would get her in trouble)

*Ugh, did you have to mention that horrible Logan/Parker cake. I’d forgotten all about it. I love them both but what on earth possessed them to get that cake? lol

It’s up to you. You can also make a cake for Lilly Kane’s 11 years anniversary on October 3rd. Either way, for VMars anniversary or Lilly Kane, I can tweet the picture of that cake to Rob Thomas :)