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Veronica Mars Preview 

Premieres Saturday, August 23rd at 8PM

A commercial that focuses on Veronica and not a love triangle? Maybe HBO should’ve done the promo for the movie in March. Good job.

This promo is baller. Way more exciting than the whole which-guy-will-she-choose or even the walk-away-from-the-perfect-life angle. Veronica is the front and center focus here. I love the cuts as she’s describing her “old self” to her breaking shit, photographing, investigating and also the cuts on the mystery itself— the dead girl, the ex, the lure of an old life. Her father as the voice or reason underneath it all.

Well done, HBO promo clip editor. Kudos.

Despite the fact that I own the Blu Ray and have a digital copy, I will likely watch this whenever I see it on HBO. That will not be a very productive month for me…

People should watch this on HBO. For RATINGS.


I just finished the first Veronica Mars book, The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, and I CAN’T HANDLE MY EMOTIONS. !!!!! I’d read the first ~100 pages months ago but stopped there, even though I had really liked it?? Then I picked back up yesterday, stayed up until 4am reading, and finished the last of it this morning before work and it’s all I can think about.

(Spoilers ahead.)

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It really upset me that Free! Hardly got any recognition at MTV’s Fandom Awards. I didn’t really expect Free! to win (Supernatural is clearly more of a powerhouse), but I at least wish that they would have given it some plausible screen time.

It also slightly pisses me off that SOME of the Veroncia Mars fandom are upset that people are saying that they shouldn’t have won. I know you all raised money to get a movie and I’m really impressed, but you really can’t be that surprised. Yes the hate you are getting is awful but you can’t be mad that no one expected you to win.

"Shut up! Veronica Mars is awesome!"

— So is Free! But I’m sure most of you haven’t even looked it up just like a lot of people have failed to look up Veronica Mars. Most of you are just as at fault.

"Y’all just hatin’! We worked hard for our movie!"

— No we are just thoroughly upset that we failed to get any recognition for OUR hard work! Just like you, we’ve worked hard to get Free! into production! Whereas you’ve had a series and enjoyed it, we had to build our series up from the ground with just a light novel series and a 30 second commercial! How easy do you think that is taking into account that Kyoto Animation is in JAPAN and had a very slim chance of seeing our support!? How disheartened do you think you’d feel if you were in our situation?

"Just let Veronica Mars have this one."

— The same can be said about the anime community to be perfectly honest and if you are ignoring that please go sit down. Anime isn’t very accepted in America. Toonami is showed in the middle of the night and the wee hours of the morning not during normal airing hours and prime time slots. In order to watch it you have to go to online streaming websites. People are criticized and teased because they like “cartoons for children” or “perverted and twisted Japanese porno”. Anime is not completely for children. I dare you to show your child Higurashi or Mirai Nikki and see if they don’t have nightmares. Anime is not all porn. Take it from someone who’s been teased for these very reasons, it does not feel good! The Fandom Awards was the anime community’s chance to get some proper good publicity and they completely glossed over us which is very disrespectful. So we deserved to win just as much as you did. You’re fandom was glorified and praised while others were dragged through the mud and forgotten so excuse you if people are a little offended by that.

In short, you are not the only fandom that “deserved” to win so stop saying that. Everyone works for their fandom. For all we know Free! Probably did win and they decided to trash it because WE AMERICA WE BETTER! So Veronica Mars fandom keep that in mind before you start “yeah we beat supernatural and free! Fuck yeah!”

I’m not mad no one expected Veronica Mars to win.

I’m a little miffed that other fandoms are shitting on my show and saying we shouldn’t have won.

I’m not mad that other people are sad their shows/fandoms didn’t win, or didn’t get the attention they deserve. 

I’m mad that other people are pissing on my show and my fandom because we did win

I’m not mad that people want recognition for the things and shows and genres they love.

I’m getting pissed off that other people are saying that my show and my fandom doesn’t deserve the recognition it is getting.

There’s a difference between being sad your thing didn’t win, and shitting on mine. There’s a difference between feeling like your show and fandom is the best and insinuating that mine only got the award because of bias or something other than us working our butts off for it.

I’m not going to be mad when someone says we shouldn’t have won, because damn it we did deserve to and - no matter how sore the losers are - we did. But to say that VMars fans shouldn’t be upset by this weird backlash we’re getting hit by currently? And the insinuations that we didn’t really win, it was just handed to us because of some kind of bias?

Yeah, I can see fighting back against that.

Because Veronica Mars is awesome. Because we do deserve this. Because we did work hard for our movie. 

And that doesn’t mean that other shows aren’t awesome and that other fans don’t deserve it or didn’t work hard.

It just means we did, and we won. And even me, with my hippie parents and my cooperative board games, understand that at the end of a competition there is a winner and that it is shitty to hate on that person simply for winning. That’s what the world likes to term “bad sportsmanship”.

This is a celebration of Veronica Mars, and I’d really like it if people would stop pissing in our cheerios.

I don’t have the same “don’t tag your hate” mentality as a lot of people on tumblr do, but I do have a ‘if the only reason why you’re hating on this thing is because it beat your thing in an on-line competition, maybe don’t harsh those others fans’ vibe’ mentality.

And if a poster hates the thing specifically for that reason, and in public, maybe understand why the fandom that should be spending its time celebrating what is at most a meager victory is upset.

And then the angels sang Hallelujah!

And I thought the anime itself, Free! is about how hard works and appreciate their opponents no matter what. If Free! had won, WE WOULD CONGRATULATE YOU AND BE HAPPY FOR YOU. Because we support everyone. I was rooting for Free! too, but judging from the Free! fandom who are tagging their hate to VMars tag, I am retracting my support. Saying things like, “We deserve this and you don’t” is showing bad sportmanship, and it’s not about how Iwatobi works. I am sorely disappointed with Iwatobi fandom who seems doesn’t know the fandom etiquette. Watch the anime again, and you don’t find this kind of behavior from the anime. Sometimes I wish that Free! should win because I would love to see Supernatural and Community or even other fandom pissing at you and saying, “What the fuck is Free! Iwatobi anime?” Tell me how it feels when you experience that. And the fact that you don’t know that the fans of VMars aren’t just from America, shows how biased the Free! fandom is. They don’t want to know and only have this snowglobe point of view.


The one thing I do find very disappointing about the MTVu Fandom thing is that other than a tweet by Rob with a link to MTV’s announcement that Veronica Mars won, there has been nothing else I’ve seen on any social media from anyone else involved with the show. Yeah, everyone’s busy but c’mon, is it that hard to come up with 140 characters (or less even) to say “thank you” to the fans?

Rob just tweeted his thanks to the fans!